Welcome to episode number 95 of MyKitaab podcast. Our guest is Yogesh Dashrath, who is the Country Manager for Storytel in India. Storytel is an audio book and ebook publisher from Sweden. Yogesh tells his own journey as an avid book reader and an audiophile, and Storytel’s journey in India. We also discuss the evolution of the market for audiobooks in India. Specifically, the challenges he faced when he approached publishers and authors while trying to build up their audio book collection in India. We also talked about audiobooks in Indian languages, particularly Marathi and Hindi. This is the first ever interview of MyKitaab Podcast which has recorded it not one, not two, but three languages: English, Hindi and Marathi. This is a very, very exciting and high energy conversation which I am sure you would learn a lot from.

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इस इंटर्व्यू को हिंदी में सुनिए

या इंटर्व्यू ला मराठी मधे ऐका

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About Yogesh

Yogesh Dashrath is Country Manager of Storytel, the audiobook streaming app. He is a management graduate from IIM and has worked in Technology, Banking and Insurance in India and Europe. In his spare time, he loves to go on long walks listening to a story (on Storytel of course).

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